PJK Patterson J. Kincaid x Man Repeller

Question: What gives edge to something dressy, pulls together jeans and a tee and generally adds awesome-ness to any outfit?

Answer: The Utility Jacket.

I’m obsessed with utility jackets. Military green ones to be exact.  I have too many and wear them constantly. There’s the heavy one lined with shearling for chilly early-morning school runs. The lightweight silky one perfect for tossing on in summertime air-conditioned rooms. The crisp tailored one that takes even the most casual outfit up a notch. The soft faded one that I grab again and again. They all have their purposes and I love them all.

Now, thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, there will be a new addition to the collection. Leandra Medine, aka The Man Repeller, has joined forces with Patterson J. Kincaid to create a capsule line of separates called, The Man Repeller x PJK…Just Saying. It includes t-shirts, dresses, shorts and my new must-have jacket.  It’s the perfect shade of green. It has drawstrings for structure. And even better, it can turn into a vest.  A vest!

So, if you’re not a compulsive utility jacket wearer like me and are content with just one, this is probably the one you should get.*

Claudia, WCM

*You can find it here on ShopBop.com.

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